Bullying has become some what of a disease across the world. Kids everywhere are being picked on at school, online, even at home. It's a really sad epidemic that has taken lives of kids everywhere. Sure it may just mess up someones day, or ruin their school career. But one thing people may not realize is the effect it has on someone for the rest of their lives. You will need a box of tissues handy to make it through this video.

Poet Shane Koyczn is known for his moving performance at the 2012 Olympics. But his name is making a splash again with his video entitled 'To This Day' that he wrote that hits the epidemic of bullying on the head. He reached out to different artists to animate the video behind the poem. Each artist submitted a 20 - second clip that were put together to make 7 minutes of heart wrenching video.

The video touches not only on bullying, but depression, lonliness, reasons for being different, and the lasting effects of bullying. Stories in the poem include a mother who grew up being bullied, and it tells of how her past effects her present as a wife and mother. She doesn't think she's beautiful and not a good enough mother. There are stories of different kids who were bullied, and why. Stories of how they handled it, and unfortunately some who didnt.

The video was released on February 19th and already has over 2 million views on YouTube. It was released as a part of Pink Shirt Day, which takes place in Vancouver to help recognize bullying.

My experiences with violence in schools still echo throughout my life but standing to face the problem has helped me in immeasurable ways. - Shane Koyczan


Click here to learn more about the To This Day Project and how you can have a hand in stopping bullying.