Meet 95 year old Julius Hatley of Dallas, Forth Worth.  Julius was awaken to uncomfortable heat when his AC unit stopped working in his home.  The heat caused him to call the DFW Police and report it as an emergency.

According to CBS News - When Fort Worth Officer William Margolis, and his partner  Christopher Weir arrived at Mr. Hatley's home at 8:30am it was already a sweltering 85-90 degrees inside the which caused them to spring into action and help Mr. Hatley.

YouTube - CBS News

The Officers went to Home Depot and purchased Mr. Hatley a BRAND NEW air conditioner and when the store manager got wind of what they were doing the employees put in an additional $150 dollars towards the purchase.

YouTube - CBS DFW

This story just keeps getting better because after the purchase of the NEW air conditioner for Mr. Hatley the Officers installed the air conditioner in Mr. Hatley's home and now he is resting comfortably with cool air.

This is what Serve & Protect is all about!  I would like to personally thank the DFW Police department for stepping in and doing this good deed.  I wish I could highlight more good cops who actually do good for the communities they serve.

As we get into the summer months please check on the elderly by making sure you are in a cool climate and are hydrated and Mr. Hatley YOU ROCK SIR!  Now if you excuse me, I have to call my 86 year old Grandfather and check on him.