I have a question for you guys, time-out or spankings? When I was a kid, there wasn’t time-out, there was only spankings! Then when I became a teenager there were still spankings  but grounding was a way of punishment too. I know my mother didn’t really like spanking us kids, so normally she would threaten us with the ol’ “wait till your dad gets home” speech. That was the worst. You would dread your dad coming home all day long! But sometimes when we were really awful she would spank us and then tell my dad and he would spank us too!

One thing that worked with me was if my parents said they “were disappointed in me.” I would rather have a spanking.

Well times have changed. When I had my daughter Chloe, I tried the time-out method. It worked – sometimes. But she caught on quickly that 10 minutes of sitting in a chair and doing nothing, was not too bad. How did I discover this? When one day she got in trouble and I called her on it and she turned to me and said  “ok mama, I’ll put my self in time-out.”

I hated to spank her and I very rarely did. But when I did, I would have to go to my room and cry. Of course that was when she was little, now that she’s a teenager, I could wring her neck on a lot of occasions!

So my question is to you guys – Time-out VS. Spankings? What works on your children and what doesn’t? Take the poll below please and let me know.