That big hair, bold makeup, huge shoulder pads, and attitude! We love this 1985 throwback hit by Patti LaBelle, "New Attitude". Patti delivers a fresh and fun sound for the 80's with this hit. This song is still used today in commercial advertisements, movies, and radio/television show intros! Patti LaBelle spent 16 years with the the "BlueBells"-a musical group of the sixties and 70's, in which Patti reached her fame. New attitude is one of the first female inspired musical/pop anthems which sparked the way for songs like, Destiny's Child's 'Survivor' and others.

These days, Patti is still doing shows, and also has her hands in many other ventures, like her own line of food products, cooking, and her own wig/makeup line! Patti is one of the most noted singers in history. What is your favorite Patti LaBelle song?