Once again we travel back to the early 90's! Remember the boy band Hi-Five? The group was based out of Waco Texas and made several hits including, "I Like The Way" (The Kissing Game) along with others. Their platinum album was produced by hit-maker Teddy Riley. "I Can't Wait Another Minute" peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100. Several of their songs were also featured in movies and on movie soundtracks. After Hi-Five disbanded around 1994, lead singer Tony Thompson released a solo album called "Sexsational" in 1995. He had a hit with "I Wanna Love Like That." In 2005, Thompson re-incarnated Hi-Five with four new members. Their album The Return was released in 2006 on Thompson's independent label, N'Depth.

Sadly, June 1, 2007, Thompson died and the autopsy report stated that there were no illegal drugs or alcohol in his system when he passed, however there were traces of methadone which is used for treatment for heroin addiction. Later reports form an autopsy says he was found to have died as the result of a freon overdose after he had been inhaling it from an air conditioning unit. He was buried in his hometown of Waco, Texas on June 9, 2007.

Where were you when this song was a hit?

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