Leaving the safety and comfort of the air conditioned indoors during these unforgiving Texas summers can be a hard task to accomplish. You would love for your car to be another safe haven from the heat. But, it isn't. Sometimes, it is the worst part of summer. 

Getting into your car after a long day at work can be like entering through the gates of Hell. You are are leaving the creature comforts you have slaved all day in, only to meet the heat.

Just the first few moments of entering your car can be the worst times spent during your summer.

We all know these terrible top three worst things about your car in the Texas summer time. It plagues all of our lives with no hope of relief other than winter time.

1. Heat Impact

Those first few seconds of entering your car are like being hit by a wrecking ball made purely of heat and humidity. Even if you let your windows down a little to let air out during the day, it is still like stepping into a sauna. Glasses or sun glasses will immediately fog up, making the last steps of seating yourself behind the wheel like a glimpse into the life of a blind person living deep in the Sahara desert. This dramatic change from the indoors or even the space outside of your car can make one feel as if they were quickly approaching a heat stroke.

2. Everything on Fire

Everything on your car will be on fire. The door handle, steering wheel, AC knobs, and (by far the absolute worst) the seat belt. That flaming square of molten hot metal is surely to burn your skin everywhere it touches like a bath of acid. Don't even bother battling with the sun reflecting screens people put in their wind shield. Those fumbling and maze like contraptions don't do ANYTHING. Your car is going to be the feel as if someone spent the entire work day hosting a campfire on every surface of your car.

3. AC Cool Down

Thank God for AC. Air conditioning was truly a blessing put upon this Earth to give man a chance for survival. Without AC, many Texans would wither and pass. But, this glorious invention is not at its very best working order when you first step into your car. It is going to take that poor thing to get over its very own shock of a long day's exposure to the heat. Roll your windows down, put it on full blast, pray, wish, hope, do anything you can possibly think of; it is not going to work right away. You are going to drive miserably around for the first block with hot air blowing on your sad burnt face.

I wish you all the best in surviving this Texas summer. It is a test of our strength and will with every step. From the door, to the car, and back out again; this heat is a terrible and horrible punishment for the United States' greatest state.

Be safe, keep cool, and enjoy your summer folks.