It is a little rainy and depressing outside in East Texas today. Though the weekend is just on the horizon, today may feel like it will last forever. How do you escape from this dismal and bleak day? Watch happy and cute videos, of course. 

To revive the optimism and sunshine to your day, her come three videos to the rescue. If cute kids, adorable animals tripping and slipping around, and silly surprises can't get you through this Thursday, nothing can.

First up, here is a little french girl telling an amazing story straight from her imagination. Her huge eyes, accent, and elaborate tale will give you a tooth ache. This video is too sweet to handle.

Next, we have a little music. There are experiences in life that cannot be prepared for, nor explained. This is one of those moments in life. This video shows one of the world's most unusual bands.

Our last video is too cute to handle. Please get ready for the slipping and sliding adorable penguins of this video. This will surely brighten your day.