Just how bored are you at work right now? Bored enough to watch a live stream of a puddle?

That's exactly what's happening right now in the U.K. -- and it's surprisingly entertaining.

Currently, there's a giant puddle of water in Newcastle, England. Big deal, right? Well, the puddle happens to be in the middle of a highly trafficked walkway in the city.

Call it a case of people-watching but, at its peak today, concurrent viewers to the live stream of the puddle-cam numbered more than 12,000.

Each pedestrian's attempted trek across the mass of water has proven to be entertaining in its own way. Some have attempted (and failed) to jump over it, others have "Jesus-walked" across it, still others have attempted to cling to a nearby tree and swing across.

Very few, however, have done what would seem to be the obvious: go around it and take another path.

Watchers have even taken to Twitter with the hashtag #DrummondPuddleWatch.