One of the most serious crimes plaguing this world is child abuse. Victims of child abuse, especially if it started at a very young age, don't always know that there is a way out. And a lot of times if a child attempts to report it or get away, it only leads to more abuse. And if they are in a situation where they are always with their abuser, it's even harder to get away from it. One organization is taking a huge step to change that.

A Spanish organization called the Aid to Children and Adolescents at Risk Foundation has created an ad with a message that children can see, but adults can't. In the video they explain how when an adult of a certain size looks at the ad, they only see the ad from a certain angle. But a child who is much smaller sees from a different angle. The make ad has a secret message to children with a number and telling them how to get out. But adults don't see it. The secret is a layering technique which allows different pictures to show from different angles.