Unless your lover/spouse is balling out of control, you might have to sell a limb or two to afford this AAA Five-Diamond hotel stay in Houston.

Houston's Post Oak Hotel is offering a $20,000 Valentine's Day package in the Presidential Suite. Yes, I said $20K!

Post Oak Hotel did not come to play with y'all members of the brokey-broke.


TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. That's like the cost of three cruises. That's like the cost of a down payment on for a house. That's like the cost of a top set of veneers. That's like the cost of out-of-state tuition for a year.


I know that Valentine's Day is all about love and romance, but unless your lover/spouse is balling out of control, I just don't see it happening for you, baby.


Maybe you could find a sugar daddy/sugar mama just in time for the holidays?? I'm not saying, but I'm just saying.


It includes ONE night in the Presidential suite with:

  • Access to a gym
  • An office
  • In-room spa
  • 24-hour butler service
  • Private elevators. Guests will enjoy a
  • Facial
  • A massage
  • A private sunset dinner on an outdoor terrace
  • Breakfast in bed
  • A $500 shopping spree in the hotel's boutique

Oh, and you can't forget the access to the hotel's heliport and the monogrammed robes.

This sounds like a prize someone would win on the Showcase Showdown! It had better also come with a brand new car, a speedboat and some jet skis, because then and only then would one night in a hotel be worth the $20,000 price tag!


Check out the 360-degree virtual tour of the room at KRPC's link here.