The conversation starts today with a little story about what  happened to me last weekend while moving with a couple of friends. And it inspired me to talk about things that will make a grown man poop, run or bring the little girl voice out of a  grown man.So, the story starts with me moving from my studio to a larger residence with a couple of good friends (the kind who will help you move). The boxes, clothes, flat screen get moved and then the pictures of city skylines that I love so much get grabbed last.

As my buddy grabs the last picture off the ground, a huge spider comes out and races across his hand. All havoc breaks loose and that little girl voice rears its head and men start running away.

It was a spectacle of clowns without a VW to crawl out of. So, today I did some research of the top things guys will run from and take a deep gasp before screaming. Now don’t be a scaredy cat and vote or put in something that scares the skin off of you or choose one of ours.