Everybody knows that Phaedra Parks is on to speak her mind, but only the way a Southern Belle would. I think the Southern Belle is about to kill over and we may meet a new Phaedra Parks.

If you have not heard, Bravo pumped the brakes on Phaedra's spin off "Rich People's Problems" due to her husband, Apollo Nida's legal woes. Now Phaedra is speaking out about the unfair financial treatment of reality stars.

Phaedra recently interviewed with Upscale magazine and discussed the pay that reality stars get. She stated that even though they are treated like celebs, they are not paid like them. The fact that they are not members of the Screen Actors Guild, (SAG), means that Bravo can run as many repeats of their shows as they like with out having to pay residuals.

Phaedra also went on to point out that some of the scenes are scripted, yet they are only seen as talent, not actors and Bravo is taking advantage of the situation by getting talent for a nominal fee, cutting the cost of studios and production, which means, a lot of bucks saved for them.

What are your thoughts? Do you think reality stars should be valued more?