It's lit. The Weeknd is throwing his own spin on Bryson Tiller's "Rambo."

After Tiller rhymes about being ruthless and on top of his game, Abel Tesfaye comes in with equally hard-hitting lines. He also speeds up his usual druggy sound to match Tiller's fact-paced style.

"I just signed a deal so big that it's a secret / Victoria's Secret Angels dancin' 'round me for a reason / Spread your wings for me like I'm Freddie Mercury / But baby, you should call me king, you know that it's my season," sing-raps Tesfaye.

Since it's release, it's been met with praise hands, flames and heart-eyed emojis on Twitter.

"So @theweend remixed Rambo @brysontiller need to hear this," tweeted one excited fan. Others who were planning to put their spin on Tiller's track have decided to fall back. "My remix of Rambo is cancelled - @theweeknd put a verse on there and I already know not to touch a hot stove," read the tweet while another simply said that after the remix, the song belongs to The Weeknd. "And the weeknd remixed Rambo. That's his song now," read the tweet.

Check out the tweets below and stream the track below. Also, let us know what you think about the The Weeknd's remix in the comments. Is it his now or nah?

Listen to The Weeknd's "Rambo (The Weeknd Remix)"