Traveling at a maximum speed of 5 mph, the 'super load' is actually days ahead of schedule, according to TXDOT.

Originally scheduled to arrive at Eastman Chemical in Longview on Sunday, the 611,000-pound, 275 feet long, 18 feet wide and 25 feet high load should be pulling into the chemical plant on Thursday (barring any mechanical issues).

The 'super load' is currently traveling along State Highway 149 just north of Tatum on its way to Longview. If all goes as planned, the 'super load' will arrive at its destination around noon Thursday.

TxDOT advises drivers to be aware of that traffic will be affected in and around the 'super load' and to be prepared for long delays along the route. TxDOT crews will be assisted by Longview, Tatum, Texas DPS along with several utility crews to manage power lines and other issues.

If at all possible, you're asked to find an alternate route to your destination.

The following is an updated, revised route and timeline for the super load's travels through East Texas from TxDOT.

Day 6, Wednesday, July 22, 2015

  • 6:00AM – Transport begins moving along SH 43 just north of Tatum (Panola County)
  • 9:00AM – Transporter turns left onto Martin Lane/Spur 43 in Tatum
  • 9:15AM – Transporter turns right onto Whitney Street/Spur 43 in Tatum
  • 8:00AM – Transporter clears the tracks at BNSF Railroad (Rusk County – TxDOT’s
  • Tyler District)
  • 11:00AM – Transporter turns right onto SH 149 in Tatum
  • Will stop on the right side of road at 11973 SH 149 in Longview for the night

Day 7, Thursday, July 23, 2015

  • 6:00AM – Transport begins on SH 149 and crosses under high voltage cables at Knox Lee Power Plant
  • 8:00AM – Transporter will turn right onto SH 149/Hill Street just past Walmart
  • 9:00AM – Transporter will turn right onto I-20 S Frontage Road
  • 10:00AM – Transporter will turn right onto Callahan Road at I-20
  • 12PM – Transporter arrives at Eastman gate