Today I had the opportunity to attend the 2016 Stars Over Longview 16th Annual Awards Ceremony. Talk about a program to recharge and empower women, if you missed it, you missed a treat.

As I entered into Maude Cobb, I wasn't sure what I was walking into. Everyone looked so ritzy and well to do. I was able to take my seat just as the Keynote Speaker was being introduced by ABC's Anissa Centers. Her name is Liz Murray and she is a New York Times Best~Selling Author, recipient of the White House "Project Role Model Award" and the Oprah Winfrey first ever "Chutzpah Award". Nice resume huh, but the biggest thing they left of was that she was an over comer.

This young lady went from growing up in a home with drug addicted parents, losing them at 15, becoming homeless, graduating high school in 2 years, being awarded a full scholarship to Harvard all while sleeping in Central Park and Subways. When she told her story, there was not a dry eye in the place, but her purpose was not to inform of what she over came. Her purpose was to inspire more people to volunteer in their communities. If it were not for her school adviser pushing her and holding her to the goals she spoke of, her "what ifs" may not have become reality.

That is what Stars Over Longview is all about. Each year, Longview Regional Medical Center and their Women's Advisory Council honor 12 women who spend countless hours in their communities trying to make a difference. Again, if you missed this year, get ready for 2017.