While it still exist in today's televison world,back in the day the spinoff which in televison or

movies means a show is developed and created from an original...some of the best spinoffs of all time was revealed:

In no particular order..."All in the Family" with the famous Archie Bunker had the distinction of having two....The Jeffersons(who were his next door neighbors and created the first socially conscience and racial conflict in television) debut in the early 70's with The Jeffersons lasting almost 10 years.Mork and Mindy with alien Robin Williams landed a cameo on Happy Days and the show,blew up.We all loved the sassy Maude(Bea Authur) who by the way was another All in the Family spinoff featured maid Florda Evans and there came the infamous show"Good Times"centered around the Chicago project family the Evans Family.In  the 80's there were show like Frazier which came from the bar of Cheers and of course also on NBC,at about that same time a The Cosby Show dominated TV ratings and developed Lisa Bonet's trip college with a"Different World" in which Bonet lasted a short while the show other characters put it on the TV map....These were great sitcom spinoffs.....What is your favorite spinoff of all time?