There are few commercials on the television or internet that can really change how we feel about ourselves. There are even fewer numbers that tell us we are truly beautiful. The new Dove commercial does all of this in one short video. This will change you. 

Most commercials on air and all over the web play on our insecurities. Women especially are targeted to feel bad about how they look in order to sell a product that can make them "look better."

Youth, the right hair, perfect skin, great teeth, low weight, and many other sore spots for women are poked to provoke a need to change. Be someone other than you, a better you, anything but what you are.

These ideas follow every woman around nagging for more perfection with every breath of every moment of the day. We already see ourselves in a distorted mirror. Every flaw is exaggerated. We imagine ourselves as these beasts one could only bare to look at, let alone love.

Dove decided to do something about that. They made this video to show women a direct comparison of how they see themselves next to how a stranger saw them. They differences in their appearances will break and then warm your heart.

This commercial is a brilliant marketing ploy, but so much more. This goes past a genius statement that Dove thinks you are beautiful while subtly suggesting that since they feel this way you should buy their products. Good try, Dove. You did way more than sell your product.

This video is so very moving and memorable. This will make you look in the mirror and stop counting the wrinkles and flaws. This video will make you see that cute little nose, those gorgeous eyes, or that lovely skin.

Watch this, let it sink in, and love yourself. You really are beautiful, so see it how others do.