The actor named Leo O'Brien who played Richie Green in the classic film, "The Last Dragon" was shot three times over an argument regarding a chair. The shooting took place in Harlem, New York. O'Brien was shot in the stomach and arm and was hospitalized for his injuries. Officials say he is lucky to be alive. The 40 year old actor stated:

"I'm feeling better than I was a couple of days ago," O'Brien, 40, told the Daily News Wednesday from his bed at Harlem Hospital. I was in intensive care but just for one day. I'm a fast healer - kind of a mutant....I've been told if this had happened to someone else, they'd be dead."

The shooter was arrested and charged with attempted murder and illegal gun possession. The actor named Taimak Guariello who played Bruce Leroy in the movie went to Twitter regarding the incident saying:

"I haven't seen him in about 15 years," he said Wednesday, adding that he hasn't kept in touch with his ex-castmates. "I don't hear from anybody until they're almost dead."

Wow! That's crazy. We wish O'Brien a speedy recovery. What is the craziest thing you've gotten into a heated argument about? Did it ever get violent?

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