Looking for something fun, kid-friendly, and cool to do in Tyler? Come down to the Liberty Hall Theater for a Jungle Book experience. This classic story will bring back memories from your childhood and make new memories for your child. What could be more fun than seeing a modern age theatrical version to such a classic? 

We all the story of the Jungle Book. A boy, raised by wolves, with a bear and a black panther as friends. He lives happily in the jungle until a group of monkeys cause a bit of trouble.

This story has been told many times in many ways. From the pages of a book, live action movies, the iconic Disney animated film, and now in the theater.

The Liberty Theater on the square of downtown Tyler is bringing the Jungle Book to their stage. "The Magik Theatre announces its premier national tour with an exciting new adaptation of THE JUNGLE BOOK, which played to sold out crowds during its 2006-2007 season.  Adapted faithfully from Rudyard Kipling’s source stories by David Morgan, with music by Jaime Ramirez..." This theater troop is coming to us from San Antonio to bring this little boy's story to life with bright costumes and amazing acting.

This family fun show will happen March 1st at 7p.m.. Don't miss your chance to bring this staple of your childhood to your child's. Can't you just hear the Jungle Book's songs already?