I HATE MOVING!!!!!!  (Deep breath) Ok, so here is another chapter in the transition to Texas.  I have been here for about five weeks now and I must admit I love my new job and I'm enjoying the new transition in Texas.  I am continuing to learn about the job, folks, and the culture.  However, there is one part about this journey that I don’t like and that’s MOVING - especially from janky movers! Seriously, LOOK AT THIS BOX!!!!!!

Shawn Knight

I don’t like anything about moving.  The sorting, the packing, the purging... man I need some Advil just thinking about it.  Nevertheless, it was something that needed to be done and on the bright side I get to purge and go out with the old and in with the new. I never thought I would be doing that literally.....

Ladies and gentlemen, above was my dining room table.  Yep, you heard right was my dining room table.  The movers disassembled my furniture and they were supposed to reassemble them when they delivered my furniture.  However, the movers refused to do so and I have missing pieces to my table which means it’s no good.  I refuse to show all the pics because it would only make me more upset.

Shawn Knight | How do you like that stack job!

So, after going through not even 50% of my belongings I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode.  I’ve used movers all the time, but never experienced something like that before.  I even had a co-worker tell me that he had a similar experience where his movers stole his belongings!  (Where they do that at????)  However, my things were insured and I filed a claim with the company so I guess I have to play the waiting game to get this matter resolved.

I’m just praying that I don’t have to go another route to get this resolved.  Do you have a moving horror story? Everyone does!  Feel free to tell me and we can find another solution to stop this madness from happening again.