Longview natives, Simeon Whitten and Ricardo Buchanan, Longview natives and creators of the MyView movement, do an excellent job capturing the lives and passions of the folks of Longview.  Their most recent production is an inspiring testimony to the good heart of one Longview resident shared with many many others.

The homeless population in Longview seems to be a growing epidemic. I'm reminded of the the scripture that says, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few'. Well, Andrea Dollanite is without a doubt one of the laborers who gives her heart and time to the streets of Longview and it's homeless through Made to Love Ministry.

When asked what is Made to Love Ministry, Ms. Dollanite said, 'It is loving people where they're at no matter what circumstances they're in.'.  Some of Longview homeless would say she's sent from God.  You decide. Watch closely as Ms. Dollanite gives her heart to the streets of Longview through her ministry, Made to Love Ministry .