Please say it's Moo-llennium Crunch! But it's not. Blue Bell has started making ice cream again, and they've announced which flavor will be first to hit shelves next week.

If you were hoping for a tub of Blue Bell with lots of gooey chunks rippled throughout, you'll have to wait. The first Blue Bell flavor to sell next week in the big Blue Bell return will be Homemade Vanilla.

As we learned last week, there are just a few spots where it will be for sale. As Lucky Larry blogged, the Blue Bell will be restocked in phases, and it may be a few weeks before we see it in East Texas.

If we have withdrawals and get the shakes and have to have the Homemade Vanilla more quickly, we can drive to Houston or Austin to get it next week. Take an ice chest.

The flavor selection will be small as Blue Bell gets fully cranked up again after the recall, but they'll gradually expand as all of their facilities reopen.

We'll just have to be patient with the Moo-llenium Crunch. And the Caramel Turtle Cheesecake. And the Chocolate Peanut Butter ...