WIth summer here and looking to just keep getting hotter, we will all be rushing to the water to keep cool. But, what will you choose to wear? Will you grab that tiny weeny bikini? This young woman gives you reason to re-think that choice. 

Our swim wear fashions have come a very long way from just a few decades ago. But, have they gone in the right direction?

This woman, Jessica Rey, gives us some insight on the evolution of our swimwear. What she reveals will shock you. Give her a listen and learn a little about what your choice of bathing suit is really saying about you.

Makes you feel a little put off, huh? If you are re-thinking your bikini, fear not. There are plenty of great places to find a more modest choice in swim attire.

Check out Jessica Rey's own swim line. Or you might find something less itsy bitsy at this great website.

May your bathing suit say what you want.