Take advantage of this great opportunity to help voice your concerns and aid in the improvement of your community. The City of Tyler has released a survey for its residents to tell them exactly what you think. Take time out for this survey for you, your city, and your community. 

Anne Payne of the Liberty Theater in downtown Tyler explains exactly what the City of Tyler is looking to do: "The City of Tyler is seeking broad public input about downtown Tyler. If we are to make a plan for the entire community, it must contain information and ideas that represent all residents of Tyler."

Isn't this great? We can all take part in getting our voices heard. This survey is quick and easy. Don't feel intimidated, it won't steal away your time and you won't be held accountable for your opinion. Be honest, be helpful.

To take part in this survey click right here for a direct link.

The answers to this survey will help the people in charge of improvements, safety, and planning of the downtown Tyler area make our great Rose City even better.