If you have been wondering what's going on with a 'Good Times' reunion, well, they are working on it.

The original cast of 'Good Times' has started a crowd funding page on Kickstarter asking fans to help them raise $1 million to fund the making of a television movie about the show. 'Good Times' was the first black family television show. Coming on the air 40 years ago, we all loved James, Flo, JJ, Thelma, Michael & Willona coming into our homes making us laugh, cry and making us think about issues that applied to the black community at that time.

Janet Jackson appeared on the show and can be seen in the video as a supporter of the kickstarter campaign. Just a person on the outside looking in, how hard can it be to raise $1 million dollars if you have Ms. Jackson in your corner? Will you donate to the cause? Do you want to see a 'Good Times' reunion? I sure do, so I guess I will donate an amount that i am comfortable with. Bottom line, we have to support our own. I am not understanding why a show that was consistently in the top 10 can't get the network to support a reunion? This show is running reruns all over the country and it is not just a black show. All people like this show, but the cast has to resort to asking fans for help.

I just wonder will the cast of "Friends" have to result to this if they decided to a television movie. Just a thought, at any rate, I will support because I want to see it all come together.