Here at Hot 107.3 Jamz, we are promoting a healthy lifestyle. We are striving to get knowledge out about the latest findings with nutrients in foods that will benefit you and your family's health. Live well & God bless!

The following is only intended as a suggestion, and not purposed to cure and medical ailment or disease. Talk to your doctor before trying any new diet or exercise program.

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    Powerful nutrition, almost ZERO calories!

    Cherries are pretty friggin sweet, literally! Why? Well, first off, cherries not only combat cancer, but cherries contain components (guercetin & ellagic) that ward cause cancerous cells to literally kill themselves, and not damage healthy cell growth. Plus, cherries fight off inflammation. Cherries fight off gout, colon cancer, heart attack, and stroke! Aim to have at least one serving daily when cherries are in season, and try to buy only organic -- to alleviate pesticides. You can buy in bulk, then freeze the rest! Add to oatmeal, yogurt or smoothies. They're delish!!

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    The tiny fruit that could save your life!

    Kiwi is a tiny fruit that is jam-packed with nutrients! Kiwi fruit acts as a natural blood thinner, thus fighting off blood-clots, and reduces cholesterol. This fruit also fights cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and fully supports vascular health. Kiwi is also helps damages cells repair themselves, and reduces blood pressure -- and tastes great! Remember, with kiwi, the riper, the better!

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    Contains more calcium than milk!

    Want strong, healthy bones? Eat a watercress sandwich! Not only is this plant chock-full of calcium, but it fights off macular degeneration. Want to prevent lung cancer? EAT WATERCRESS! Overall, watercress fights cancer in several ways. It blocks carcinogens from cells, kills cancerous cells, and protects healthy cells from carcinogens. Watercress has more calcium and vitamin C than an orange and spinach! You should try to eat watercress every day. The best way to ingest watercress is by using it as a substitute for lettuce. Remember, if you cook it, it looses nutrients.

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    THE Breast Cancer fighter!

    Carrots have some of the highest antioxidents PERIOD! This little veggie is known for fighting off breast cancer. Carrots are full of potassium, calcium, fiber, vitamin C, tons of vitamin A, phosphorus, and magnesium. Your body will greatly benefit from it's disease fighting properties. Not only do carrots fight off ovarian cancer, but breast cancer, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, kidney cancer, prostate and colon cancer! Wow!! Just call carrots the CANCER fighter! You need to get a serving of carrots daily, and remember to always opt for organic. Baby carrots are good, but try to get raw carrots with their tops still in place from your local market. The tops of carrots help the veggie maintain it's nutrients!

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    Unconventional, yet FULL of protein!

    Kale is the distant cousin of cabbage, spinach, and broccoli. It fights cancer, and heart disease just as much -- and if prepared correctly, sometimes more! Kale is great for getting adequate protein, building strong bones, and pumping your bod full of antioxidents. Kale is great for congestion and promting lung health. If you doctor says you need more beta-carotene in your diet, Kale is the way to go! Men, if you're looking to ward off prostate cancer, this veggie is for you! Buy fresh and often. Kale is best prepared by steaming and added to stews, soups, or even smoothies.

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