It's a fact: We're always on our phones. There's probably some statistic out there that says there's a 78% chance you're reading this right now from your phone.

And since we live in a society where it's become more accepted to talk via text instead of by voice, why not do it with us?

Hot 107.3 Jamz has officially joined the texting revolution, and we are going to use it to share breaking news, big music news, contests and a whole lot more with you, our amazing listeners.

All ya' gotta do is text HOT to 89000 and you're signed up!

Don't worry, we won't blow up your phone. We might message you once every couple of days, but it'll be news and/or contests you'll want to know about from your favorite country music station in East Texas.

Text HOT to 89000 for all the latest East Texas, music and contest news!