A Texas woman is spending the next 5 years in jail for exercising her political power and voting in the 2016 presidential election when she was ineligible because she was on probation.

KRGV ABC 5 reports, 43-year-old Crystal Mason is a former tax preparer who was convicted in 2012 for inflating refunds to her clients.  Since then she is being indicted on illegal voting in Tarrant County, Texas and was found guilty on Thursday (March 30th).

Mason told the Star-Telegram she wasn’t told when released from federal prison, or by her supervision officer that she could not vote in the election as long as she was still on supervised release.

You think I would jeopardize my freedom?  You honestly think I would ever want to leave my babies again? That was the hardest thing in my life to deal with. Who would — as a mother, as a provider — leave their kids over voting?

Crystal Mason’s attorney J. Warren St. John has already filed an appeal hoping to get his client out of prison.