A Brenham, Texas, veterinarian has recently had her vet’s license revoked because of a picture she posted on her Facebook page.

The picture shows Kristen Lindsey holding up a dead cat on an arrow while smiling because of her accomplishment. That picture is now the center of controversy among animal rights activists, hunters and others and has since gone viral.

Kristen claims the cat was a feral tomcat and had been prowling her neighborhood, but a neighbor of Kristen's says the cat in the pic is of her cat and has since come up missing. After learning of the viral photo online which Kristen brags about accepting vet of the year, has been fired by the clinic where she works.

Police are now investigating this incident and animal cruelty charges could be filed against her, according to Texas Monthly.

Facebook support groups have popped up with more than 44,000 members asking for "Justice For Cat Murdered By Kristen Lindsey," while another 6,500 have liked the page "Police In Texas Prosecute Kristen Lindsey for Animal Cruelty.”

The following screenshot of Kristen's Facebook page with the image may be disturbing to some readers.

Kristen Lindsey via Texas Monthly via Facebook