If you have ever had trouble finding the perfect pet your problems are about to come to an end as a Texas eighth-grader created a website for a school project that matches shelter dogs with human adopters.

KVUE reports, 13 year old Aiden Horwitz created a website called Do Do or Dog Don't for potential dog owners.  The website asks personal questions 13 questions to find out how compatible they are for their new furry friend.

Some of the questions asked are:

  • What kind of house do you have?
  • Do you have children?
  • What resources you can provide for a dog?

Aiden who is a dog lover and owner has been taking notes on how to find the perfect pet.

People get the wrong kind of dog for their family.  If they don't have a backyard, they get a huge dog and it never really works.

Once the survey is complete it adds up the scores and displays all of the compatible dogs that are listed on the website of the animal rescue organization Austin Pets Alive.