With the horrific tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday, parents and educators are more concerned for the safety of children in our school system today. Many school districts already have emergency plans in place and carry out disaster drills from time to time to keep their skills sharp if an emergency were to arise on campus. One school district in the state has already given the teachers and administrators the authority to carry concealed weapons through its halls.

The little town of Harrold, northwest of Wichita Falls in North Texas, has allowed its teachers and administrators to carry concealed weapons on campus since the school board approved of the practice in 2007. The school district passed this measure because the school is in a remote section of the county and an answer for help from the local sheriff would take approximately 30 minutes they say. The school board approves which faculty members can carry guns on school property and must obtain a concealed weapons permit and go through extensive training.

I happened to see this on the news last night and it was again mentioned on Nightline. The way the gun laws have been written in Texas do allow teachers and faculty to carry concealed weapons on school campuses if the school district has given them written permission to do so. Other states have similar laws too.