A Texas man is selling the bare skin on top of his head as space for businesses to buy as advertising space. Would you ever sell your skin to be stamped with a business' logo? If there is not hair to fill the bald space, should a store's advertisement take it?

Texan Brandon Chicotsky has been placing temporary tattoos on his bald head to promote businesses. A unique entrepreneur, Chicotsky has been getting a lot of attention for the shops he helps and for the way he is getting them this attention.

Sure, these tattoos are not permanent. He will not have to live with these choices of advertisement for the rest of his life, but will the story of what he did follow him to the grave?

Chicotsky began his weird advertising a while ago on his website, Bald Logo. Here, he sells space for promotion on his own head. He is not alone either. Two other men, all apart of the “bald angelicals” have been treating their noggins like billboards.

The majority of Chicotsky's clients have been local Austin businesses. Each business is given its own temporary tattoo design for the skull, and the businesses keep flocking to this unusual ad technique. Why? Does it really work?

Well, these ads do get a lot of attention. It turns out that this idea is not just to benefit the people that pay for the space, but it is more for the kids.

The New York Daily News explains that, "Part of Bald Logo’s profits benefit children with alopecia areata, a disease that causes hair loss." Chicotsky himself suffered from the disease, allowing for the open space on his head to sell for profit.

Would you do the same? Now that you know this is not another man looking for a "get rich quick" scheme, would you offer your own head to benefit many others?