A Texas man in Arlington has pulled off the ultimate beer run and turned into a viral superstar because he managed to literally go on a beer run by picking up not 1, but 5 cases of beer and making a mad dash to the door.

Arlington Police Department Facebook Page

According to CBS DFW, the photo of him made rounds over social media with memes and even I had to take a double look because I thought it was a friend (sorry ‘bout that).

The picture has since gone viral gaining over 5,000 shares and not slowing down.

He drove off in a gray Dodge truck and the location of the store is 5000 block of Little School Road.

If anybody recognizes him are urged to call the authorities at (817) 459-6054 or by email at Leonor.thompson@arlingtontx.gov.

If anything he does have good taste in beer!

Dilly Dilly.