4-year-old Lily Garcia was the innocent victim of a road rage incident in Albuquerque, N.M., on Oct. 20.

She had just been picked up from school by her father. After being cut off in traffic, her dad made an obscene gesture to the offending driver. That driver, now identified as Tony Torrez, responded by spraying Alan Garcia's truck with bullets, killing Lily in the process.

Upon hearing this story, Trey Ganem, who lives in the small town of Edna, Texas, was heartbroken. He has chosen to respond to the tragedy the only way he knows how.

Situations like this, unfortunately, are not uncommon in Trey's line of work. He is a casket-maker. Trey operates Trey Ganem Designs in Edna, his private company which specializes in creating custom caskets.

His work is quite special, too. His company's goal is to create final resting places that truly represent the individual.

Courtesy of Trey Ganem

Trey has also been known to offer his services free of charge previously for the families of children that have passed on far too soon. When five children perished in a mobile home fire in Edna, Trey also created their custom caskets, including this one for 9-year-old Nicholas Oritz, whose favorite video game was Call of Duty:

Courtesy of Trey Ganem

Ganem says when he heard about Lily Garcia, he couldn't help but reach out to the family.

“I told my wife, if the family lets me, I want to take this to them and deliver it and donate it for them,” he said.

The Garcia family thankfully agreed to Trey's offer. The casket he designed for Lily is 4 by 6 feet, blue and covered in rainbows and ponies --two of Lily's favorite things.

He hopes that when the Garcia family says goodbye to their daughter, they will have a special memory that they can cherish.

“That’s their final resting bed. You know, now we’re giving her what she enjoyed on earth,” Ganem said.

Trey, who also does custom auto body and design in Edna and has been recognized nationally for his work in this regard, began using his work-space to create unique caskets a few years ago.

If you would like to donate to Ganem's future projects for children, you can do so at his website.