A Huntington, Texas man has been charged with injury to a child charges after his disciplining methods were deemed child abuse for their excessive manner. Justice for his daughter will hopefully be found at the end of his case. 

On February 26 the police were called to the Huntington ISD school to inspect a little girl's wounds. When they arrived, they found the young one had severe bruising across her bottom and legs.

David John McConnell, the girl's father, stated that these bruises came from him spanking her with a wooden shower brush. Police chief, Bobby Epperly Jr. , does not believe that this is the full story. Cheif Epperly said, "It was obvious he had spanked her more than that." 

This abuse to the five-year-old girl will be punished by the courts now. KLTV explains, "[p]olice obtained a warrant for McConnell's arrest on Monday. McConnell met Epperly at the Angelina County Jail on Tuesday, where he was booked in on the charge. He posted a $5,000 bail." 

This father will now see the other side of extreme punishment and that little one will not have to worry about anymore excessive spankings.