Cheerleaders in Kountze (Texas) have been told to stop putting Bible verses on banners for high school football games. The Texas Association of School Boards this week told the Kountze Independent School District that the signs are not allowed. First it was no prayer in schools, now it's no mention of Bible verses on signs. Superintendent Kevin Weldon contacted the association after the Freedom from Religion Foundation notified him that a resident complained about the signs.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is a nonprofit foundation to tell the public about matters relating to non theism, and it promotes the separation between church and state.

The conservative Liberty Institute on Wednesday said banning religious speech on student-made signs is discriminatory. On the website, this is what they said about the ban:

We are disappointed that Kountze ISD is banning student speech on banners because it is from a religious viewpoint. Such discrimination and censorship is unfortunate and illegal. Once we complete our investigation, we will take appropriate action.”

This reminds me of Haralson County High School in Tallapoosa, Ga.  Just this month the school ceased its broadcast of prayers before football games after receiving a threatening letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

After 50 years of traditional invocations before their football games, the prayers have stopped. The situation started when the school, back in September 2011, received a letter from FFRF staff council Stephanie A. Schmitt. In it, she told Haralson County Schools Superintendent Brett Stanton the district was in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

But some of the parents and students don't let the ban keep them from praying. Watch the video and then take the poll and let me know what you think.

Pay close attention to the video at :36, the man speaking was one of the people who complained about the prayer. Take a good look at his cap -- some people might think that is offensive -- just saying.