Personalized license plates often times are an extension of someone's personality with a simple name or creative message created out of a very limited number of letters and characters. Often times personalized (or vanity) plates are funny and clever!  Seeing how you have up to seven characters to personalize your license plates, you have to be very creative and think of ways in using letters in different ways.

A Houston man had the personalized plates of "370H55V" issued to his Lamborghini for the past few years. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles will soon be revoking those plates they issued to his vehicle within 30 days because the state has deemed them inappropriate.

At first you're thinking, "How is that combination of letters and number offensive?" It takes a bit of creativity to decipher it, but with a little help from KPRC 2 Houston, you'll soon see the 'hidden message'.

Safer Hassan, the owner of the license plates, told KPRC 2 in Houston that he received a letter from the state stating he will have new plates issued for his ride, but is strongly considering to appeal the decision.

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