San Antonio cop Gary Nel has been suspended for 30 days after choosing to order food at a Whataburger instead of assisting another police officer with a DUI suspect.

According to the incident report, when Nel arrived at the burger joint, the store's manager asked if he had come to help detain a drunken customer.  Nel replied, "no" and stated that he was only there to get something to eat.

The documents state that Nel sat in a corner and ate his food while the responding officer to the incident was forced to call for backup for assistance.

When Officer Nel was asked what happened that night, he told internal affairs that nothing happened, that he was eating Whataburger and he saw two officers outside with a person already handcuffed.

This is not the first time this officer has been in trouble.  In a video from 2015, he can be seen body-slamming a DUI suspect.  He was also previously suspended for failing to find drugs on a suspect and was recently transferred to another department following an altercation with another officer.