Social media networks, blog sites and radio websites such as Hot 107.3 Jamz give fans the power to express what they feel about celebrities, both positive and negative. This not only makes the fan feel more close to the celebrity, but it gets their opinions heard. Some also take the initiative to take their opinions to another level. Such is the case today.

Fans of singer Ciara have gotten involved in an unexpected hit against her and her music. It has gotten so out of hand that a petition has been started to ban Ciara from making music. The other bizarre thing about this is the petition isout to ban many other artists who are thought of as terrible singers.

And get this: the petition was started by someone right here in Texas.

User "Essence of Sean" on shows on his user profile he is from Irving, and he is the one who started the online petition, "2012 Stop Ciara from Making Music Campaign."

“ We want to get not only Ciara! But other gimmicks in the music industry! We need more artists like Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyonce Knowles just to name a few! Tired of this .icrowave music! Keep supporting this cause!," Essence of Sean says on the petition.

Ciara is the main singer in the petition being targeted. Sean believes the artists who are praised more for their fashion, their actions and anything else not having to do with music, should not continue a career in the entertainment industry.

Ciara is currently with Epic Records and her new upcoming album is titled "One Woman Army." Other than that, there hasn’t been a huge buzz about any upcoming music from her besides her single, "Sweat," which hasn’t been hyped up as much as a single should be.

Essence of Sean is pursing 500 signatures on his petition, which currently has 306.