"Life's a game, you can either play it or sit on the sidelines." This is the quote 16 year old Kara Alongi has broadcast on her Twitter. On Sunday, Alongi stuck to that and started her own game: it's called "Tweeting Wolf." Alongi used hers to tweet a supposed break in and abduction from her home, sending social media into a frenzy. It turns out she was just playing a cruel joke on Twitter users everywhere.

On Sunday night Kara sent out a tweet that read "There is somone in my hour ecall (sic) 911". Her followers began retweeting it and soon enough #helpfindkara was a trending topic. Police received numerous calls about it and immediately went to her home and began searching for her. After some investigation, police found there was no abduction after all.

A K-9 unit traced Kara's smell out of her backyard, through the neighbors yard and around the block. A cab driver confirmed that he picked her up at the end of the block and he took her to the train station. She had bags with her, but had left her cell phone at home. It seemed as though she was leaving and never wanted to be found.

After reading some of her previous posts on Twitter, people began giving harsh criticism to the girl suggesting that she 'should run away'. She had been making homophobic slurs, cursing out people, etc. Twitter users are furious that she used social media in that way. They had serious concern for her, and went to all lengths that she be found. She has just under 110,000 followers on Twitter since Sunday.

As of last night, it was reported that the girl had been found after missing for three days. In a press release, New Jersey State Police say they found Kara on the New Jersey Turnpike walking along Exit #1. She was taken to a local hospital  for an evaluation and reunited with her family last night.