R&B singer Teedra Moses makes a grand return with a new song that flips Camp Lo’s 'Luchini' into a stern women’s anthem called 'All I Ever Wanted.'

Produced by Thaddeus Dixon, the song uses the horn-sampled beat produced by legendary beatmaker Ski Beatz. Moses tells her inattentive ex-lover that money can buy her heart on the track.

"All I ever wanted was your love / But you give me your money / When I gave you my heart," she sings, later adding, 'F--- your money, 'cause money can buy my heart."

'All I Ever Wanted' is from Moses' upcoming EP, 'Cognac & Conversations.' The collection is executive produced by Mayback Music Group honcho Rick Ross and singer-songwriter Raphael Saddiq.

“As always, I'm speaking from my heart," says Moses about the project via VIBE. "I purposely incorporated a ‘90s feel to the sound because it's what I'm nostalgically drawn to right now. It allows me to relive a time when I was in love and things seemed simpler."

The 37-year-old artist says the album will cover a myriad of relationship topics that should connect with her fans.

"This project is -- as always -- driven by the music," she says. "I intend to comfort the listener with words and melodies that they can relate to their life."

Teedra Moses' 'Cognac & Conversations' is due in spring.

Listen to Teedra Moses' 'All I Ever Wanted'