Tanya Dixon-Neely, a teacher in North Carolina has been suspended for suggesting a student be arrested following his heated debate regarding President Barack Obama. Hunter Rogers vehemently disagrees with Obama and his policies and the teacher got very upset. The recording surfaced from a student that captured the heated debate in the classroom! Watch: North Carolina Teacher Suggests Student Arrest For Obama Criticism

A teacher is supposed to teach our children, and guide them to have their own minds that will shape our youth into (hopefully) productive citizens in the future.

The recording showed the lack of knowledge the teacher had regarding politics, but even more disturbing was the fact that she did not respect the young man's opinions. Teacher or not, I believe she was dead wrong for her behavior.

What do your think? Did the school take the appropriate actions regarding this teacher? Should something more severe happen? Should the teacher be allowed to express her opinions in the classroom? Should politics even be discussed in the classroom?

Watch: Student Who Recorded Teacher Yelling For Obama Criticism