Justin Craig's normal day as the assistant manager at Sonic in Tatum on Sunday (April 14th) was quickly turned upside down when someone came into the restaurant requesting them to call 911 because someone in a car was in distress. The 18 year old Sonic employee ran out to the car and quickly checked the woman over saying, "She did not have a pulse — I checked every place I could." Justin then leaned the woman's car seat back and began to perform CPR and after a few quick compressions, she began breathing on her own and he stayed with her until Tatum Police and EMS showed up to take her off to a Longview hospital for observation.

The story takes a turn when he learns the woman's life he saved was one of his classmates, that he's known for 6 years, grandmothers. When returning to school, Kiana Turner went to find him at school to give him a huge hug where she told him, "Thank you so much. You don’t know what that means to me."

According to the Longview News Journal, Justin admits to have never receiving CPR training, but did it from learning how by watching EMS, TV and what's he's been exposed to in school.