Over the Christmas break, I spent a lot of time surfing the net and came across yet another strange Tamar Braxton performance. Watch for yourself and share your thoughts.

Recently, Tamar was nominated for the Grammy for Best R&B Performance. I haven't figured that one out yet. She is very talented and she can sing, but her performances have been a MAJOR fail. On this year's Soul Train Music Awards she appeared to be in some kind of spell singing to something up in the sky, missing notes, and we won't even start on that outfit. SMH

On Christmas Eve, Tamar appeared on the Queen Latifah Show and performed the Christmas classic Silent Night. (cricket sounds) ... She should have let it remain a silent night. OMG, I must say her singing was better, but those faces that she makes. I wonder, is she having pains? Is it all the plastic surgery? Why does she keep mimicking Mrs. Carter (Beyoncé)?

Tamar, if you read this, your singing voice is better than Bey's, so just be you when you perform and stop scaring us with all those crazy faces when you perform. Just be the Tamar we know!