According to Njai Joszor with Singersroom.Com, Tamar Braxton and Ariana Grande are headed for the coveted spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart, with both competing for the top selling album in the country per sales projections released Wednesday that show that both singers are set to sell over 100,000 copies in their  first week.

Many project that Ariana Grande is most likely to  hit no.1 with projections that her debut, "Yours Truly," will arrive on  the charts with 110-120,000 copies sold. Led by the hit single, "The Way," Grande's "Yours Truly" features  collaborations with Big Sean, Mac Miler,  MIKA and Nathan Sykes.

With songs like "Love  and War," "The One," and "All The Way Home," Tamar Braxton's album,  "Love and War" is poised to come in very close to Grande's final total  with 105,000-110,000 copies sold.