Black history month is almost over and while we've acknowledged former and local trailblazers with our East Texas Legends series, I want to recognize future trailblazers will stamp their names into the history books for their contributions to society.

Meet Tahirah Lamont Brown who lives in Memphis, Tennessee. According to WSMV TV 4, she is a FedEx Airbus captain and line check airman and was just recently recognized as the first African-American woman pilot in the company.

Her journey starts back in 1992 when she first got the opportunity to be in the cockpit. Though it’s a male dominated field, she is gaining a lot of attention as she shattered the barrier. However, it wasn’t easy for Tahirah as she had to work two jobs to pay for her education and flight training.

She also credits meeting Bill Norwood who is the first black pilot at United Airlines while in Tuskegee, Alabama.  He introduced her to OBAP, which is the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals.  That acquaintance provided her with the guidance she needed for scholarships and flight training.

Congrats to Tahirah Lamont Brown on her major accomplishment!  To find out more about her journey click here.