Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Prank Calls C-SPAN
During a morning segment of Washington Journal, normally dedicated to discussing congressional affairs, a very devious caller recited the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song in monologue form. It takes a good 20 seconds before the station realizes the prank and disconnects the call.
Teen Struck By Car While Playing "Fugitive Game"
A Fort Worth teen is currently in "good condition" at JPS Hospital's intensive care, after being struck by a car. Ashlee Aguilera , 15, was struck by a car, Friday evening, as she played a new take on cops and robbers, "The Fugitive Game."
An Explosion of Adorable Cuteness [VIDEO]
Sure, there are a lot of cute videos on the internet. Yes, most of them involve animals. But, this particular baby animal video is the cutest of them all. Watch as this baby goat makes a jungle gym out of a slumbering pig's poor back.
The Top 5 Worst Karaoke Performances Ever [VIDEO]
The thing about karaoke is that it gets better the worse the performance gets. We love to watch people make fools of themselves and struggle through the notes and words of our favorite songs. It is embarrassing, but wildly entertaining. I bet you can't watch these videos without laughing or cri…
Best Cat Video Ever Made — Patty Cake Cats [VIDEO]
Sure, there are lots of videos of cats on the internet. Some are cute, some are sad (thanks a lot Sarah Mclachlan), and some are funny. With an overwhelming amount of these clips on YouTube and Facebook, you might be getting tired of them. If they are all starting to run together and get boring to y…

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