What Do I Look Like I Do?
Yesterday, Twitter was on fire with this one simple post, "What do I look like I do?". Of course, I had to jump in on it because it seemed fun.
So, I took a selfie and posted it to Twitter with the #whatdoilooklikeido, and the games began...
Alicia Keys Makes Fun of Kimye’s Baby Name [POLL]
There are plenty of celebrities that have named their children with odd names. Recently, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's child's name has been the topic of discussion. North West seems to be the thing to make fun of, even Alicia Keys can't help herself to join in.
Instagram Gets Video As Facebook Challenges Vine
If you have Instagram, check your updates in the app store because there is a new feature that might surprise you. If you weren't aware, Facebook owns Instagram; and to challenge the explosion of the popular video app that Twitter brought to the table with Vine, they did what seemed most logica…

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