Adult Women Have the Worst Road Rage in Texas
What is the worst spot for road rage around Tyler?  Somewhere on The Loop?  South Broadway because everyone is trying to eat and shop and it's crowded?  Everywhere?
Whether it's a residential street, a highway, or a parking lot, a new study says women are hit the hardest by r…
Texas' Airport Wait Times Could Be Worse
There's so much more to flying than sitting on the plane, reading on your device, and eating peanuts. A lot of flying involves waiting. Waiting for the line to move so you can board the plane, waiting for the plane to leave the gate, and waiting for the plane to reach the gate once the plane lands.
These Are the Top Spots to Visit in Texas
If you haven't decided yet on your destination for a Memorial Day Weekend road trip, this will serve as some inspiration.  The Riverwalk in San Antonio is a spot everyone seems to know about, but there are some hidden gems here too.
Lower Gas Prices = More Traveling and More Gifts?
Just about everyone is rejoicing with lower gas prices (except if you own a gas station). Prices have fallen considerably since the summer, when gas was around $3.39 to now $2.59 a gallon. I've even noticed a big change in the total at the pump when I go to fill up my truck and I appreciate it …
Travelers Hit the Road for Christmas
By Monday and Tuesday we'll be sitting comfortably around the Christmas tree, sipping egg nog with family and trying to figure out how in the world a Furby really works.
In the meantime, it's a big ole traffic jam! Today and tomorrow are two of the busiest travel days of the year.
Triple A estimates 7…
Thanksgiving Brings Travel and Health Hazards
In a week many Americans will be joining their families at the over-stuffed and over-sized dinner table celebrating Thanksgiving with a feast of food and sharing many memories of years past and what's happened to them over the last year and then either watching football or playing board games a…

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