Throwback: Jagged Edge ‘Where The Party At?’ [VIDEO]
It's time for another sexy throwback jam! This 2001 hit was one of the hottest songs back in the day, produced by Jermaine Dupri! Jagged Edge made hit after hit and this song is one of their most memorable! Featuring Nelly, and a eyeful of sun beauties, it's one of our favorite videos. Sti…
Throwback: Shai ‘Comforter’ [VIDEO]
Ahhh.... The '90s. A time when slow jams and love songs rules the airwaves. R&B group, Shai was at the top of the game with this 1993 hit, "Comforter." Take a stroll with us down slow-jam-lane with this smooth R&B, sexy throwback! One of our favorites!
Throwback: K-Ci & JoJo ‘Crazy’ [VIDEO]
K-Ci and JoJo broke away from the well-know and wildly popular '90s group, Jodeci and set ablaze the world of R&B as we knew it! "Crazy" was a huge hit in 2000 and a massive crossover song for the soulful duo. The song the first single from their album entitled, X, and was even feature…
Throwback: Silk ‘Meeting In My Bedroom’ [VIDEO]
There is nothing better than a ultra-sexy throwback jam, and our pick for today is from Atlanta R&B group, Silk. "Meeting In My Bedroom" was a monster-hit for the group and made the ladies get extra silky! The year was 1999, when slow jams were still on top of the charts.
Throwback: EPMD ‘Strictly Business’ [VIDEO]
Remember this? Back in the day when MTV's Yo MTV Raps with former hosts, Dr. Dre & Ed Lover actually played music? One of our favorite old school jams of all time! EPMD's Strictly Business was the shizzz! Let's take a trip back to June 1988!
Throwback: Zapp & Roger ‘I Can Make You Dance’ [VIDEO]
They made us dance and appreciate the first "online flirting" so-to-speak. Zapp & Roger had back to back hits that catapulted them into a household name back in the day! I can make you dance was a fun, upbeat song that made you want to get up and shake it!
Throwback: Tisha Campbell ‘Push’ [VIDEO]
I love to reminisce about music from the 90's, and one of the videos that I loved to dance to was Tisha Campbell's "Push". Tisha Campbell is best known as "Gina" from the hit 90's television show, Martin.
Our Favorite Snoop Dogg Jamz! Our Hot List [VIDEOS]
Happy 4/20! (for those that celebrate). With the news of Snoop Dogg coming to Tyler in June, we thought it would only be appropriate to do one of our favorite "throwback" Snoop jamz. Snoop songs are fun, full of nice beats and sometimes strange things that still make out as cool. For examp…
Throwback: Da Brat ‘Give It 2 You’ [VIDEO]
The '90s were made for Da Brat. In 1994 her funkdafied sounds mixed with Jermaine Dupri's super-production made her a household name back in the day! "Give it 2 You" was her followup from her HUGE debut album, Funkdafied. Same formula, different taste. We dug it! The song…
Throwback: Aaliyah ‘Back & Forth’ [VIDEO]
It's FRIDAY! And I'm ready to sing, pick up my girls and hit the party scene... tonight! Who wasn't jammin to Aaliyah back in the day? Her music spoke to a generation of new schoolers that still appreciated the old school music! Aaliyah and R/ Kelly made magic on Aaliyah's debut …

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